Love Challenge #1: 100 Things

In last week’s newsletter (Are you subscribed?), we challenged everyone to come up with 100 things that they love about themselves. Spoiler Alert: For the average person, it’s really fucking hard. When I was presented with the challenge myself a few years ago, I opened up a page in my journal and made 100 lines.Continue reading “Love Challenge #1: 100 Things”

The Story of Unfiltrd

I used to commute 90 minutes per day. On that commute, I’d read books, listen to podcasts, and then scroll through Instagram like my life depended on it. (In some ways it did but that’s an entirely different story.) In those books and on those podcasts, I’d listen to expert after expert dole out adviceContinue reading “The Story of Unfiltrd”

The Good News[letter]

In early 2013, I started texting my friends cute little ‘good morning’ texts. It’d say something silly like, “You’re full of more goodness than a Chipotle burrito” or “You can do this Monday. You’ve done way harder things than Monday. Go get ‘em.” I loved it but it actually became bigger than my two littleContinue reading “The Good News[letter]”

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