And The Winner Is … Navigating Competitive Friendships and Relationships

The phone rings and it’s that friend that you know from back home who you only meet up with at the holidays. You set the day and time for your annual meet up and subsequently, take a deep breath as you settle in the parking lot. It will be different this time, you say. ButContinue reading “And The Winner Is … Navigating Competitive Friendships and Relationships”

January is Here: Let’s Get Started

For about two months last year, I sought advice from everyone on a single question. To start off 2019, Unfiltrd is dedicating an entire month to it. What makes a self-starter? You know the people. You may be one of them. They don’t wait for permission. They can follow just as well as they canContinue reading “January is Here: Let’s Get Started”

The Story of Unfiltrd

I used to commute 90 minutes per day. On that commute, I’d read books, listen to podcasts, and then scroll through Instagram like my life depended on it. (In some ways it did but that’s an entirely different story.) In those books and on those podcasts, I’d listen to expert after expert dole out adviceContinue reading “The Story of Unfiltrd”

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