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What would happen if we all lived life a bit more open? We didn’t care what people thought. No part of our success was hinging on us being a fake, polished version of ourselves but only in our authentic existence.

A place for a life beyond the face filters and cautious conversations. A place to be more real.

Kristian Gist, Founder and Creative Director

Kristian started Unfiltrd on a scrap piece of paper in a corporate world cubicle in her early twenties. Plagued with the same anxiety about career, life, and love, she wanted to create a place where we could just ‘keep it real’ and talk about the things that no one really talks about when they’re out to dinner with their friends whom you assume are doing 1000% better than you are. Needing validation that this was a real thing, she texted her best friend, he gave the okay, and slowly but surely she started building Unfiltrd – first through a weekly newsletter to her close-knit network — and then online for the rest of the internet to see.

You can find Kristian on Instagram @kristianologist or somewhere reading a book to her son, Lennon.

To submit to Unfiltrd, send us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you.

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