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Love Challenge #3: You Deserve More

You deserve more. You deserve better. You are worthy of it all. 

Please take a sec and let that soak in because it’s true. Write it down on a few post its if you must. Write it on your arm. DON’T EVER FORGET THIS. 

Now, I am someone who humbly believes on existing in the present versus reserving your happiness for ‘one day’ but we should all have that little nudge inside of us that wants and knows that we are worthy of more. 

And we should be working on it. 

Last August, my Aunt and I went on an Oprah’s Adventure of Your Life Cruise to Alaska with Holland America.

I was never someone who thought that I would go to Alaska – hadn’t even dreamt of it or put it on my radar. On the trip, I was at the tail end of a breakup that had dragged on for months and would take a few more to finally sink in and I was dealing with the overwhelming stress of work and wondering what was next for my career. I was tired and felt like I was drowning while I stood on a ship that somehow cut through the ocean waters with an entire universe below it.

I spent a lot of time on the observation deck between events and meals where you could look at a big screen and see how far above the ocean floor you were and what creatures were beneath. I tried to ask myself, ‘What’s next?’ I saw nothing but mountains and glaciers. Then one day, looking through those mountains standing out on the bridge, I felt this knowing.

I don’t know where you stand on God and spirituality or the entire cosmic wonder that is the world but if you look at golden sunrises that beautiful, if you think about how someone was able to craft a 5000 ton vessel that can float, and sculpt every mountain and sea, and somehow, just somehow, thought the world wanted one of you. Yes, you and that whale dragging it’s tail 200m below.

You can’t sell yourself short when you’re standing next to a glacier. You are just as wonderful.

You shouldn’t be okay with just being okay, just surviving and scraping by. 

You don’t have to settle for that relationship with a person who really doesn’t understand you. You don’t have to wake up and go to that job that makes you utterly miserable for 40 hours each week. You don’t have to fall in the same traps and behaviors of your parents. 

Maybe you’ve tried ‘okay’, ‘enough’, ‘surviving’, ‘miserable’ and ‘scraping by’ for long enough and now we can shoot for incredible, magnificent, wonderful, and really frickin’ great. Have you given miserable enough of your time yet? Maybe schedule an appointment end date in your outlook calendar for once and for all.

Are you constantly making exceptions for something that is not exceptional? Are you rolling over because you think that is all you can get and all you deserve? Are you not taking the time for your dreams because you’re not putting yourself first?  

I constantly face the negative talk of, “Am I stupid for wanting this? Should I just settle?” 

The answer for me and you is no. 

You were put on this Earth for something incredible. It might not be money and fame. (I need you to be okay with that.)  But it might be to make every life you touch better by simply being your best self and wanting what is best for yourself. 

For your job? You deserve to jump out of bed with excitement for what waits. 
For your relationship? You deserve to be completely obsessed with loving this person and completely in love with the way they love you. You deserve an exceptional romance.
For your friends? You deserve people who wholly support you and would jump at the opportunity to help you succeed.  You deserve people you CAN’T WAIT  to be around and give you a Christmas level of excitement for Friday dinners. 
For yourself? You deserve to be your best self. Get the help you need to be that person. 

Challenge #3: Write your more list. We want you to write your craziest list yet of all the wonderful things that you want in your life. DREAM BIG and then DREAM BIGGER. Do you want to be an exceptional parent? Do you want a job using the skills you’ve developed over the years surrounded by people who inspire you vs drive you crazy? Do you want a love that gives you butterflies and goosebumps? Do you want to have the energy to leap up? WRITE. IT DOWN. 

Published by Kristian Gist

Kristian is the founder of Unfiltrd and mother to the best little boy around. She's currently teaching herself sign language and probably off reading a good book somewhere and thinking about pizza. You can find her on Instagram @kristianologist.

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