Love Challenge #1: 100 Things

In last week’s newsletter (Are you subscribed?), we challenged everyone to come up with 100 things that they love about themselves.

Spoiler Alert: For the average person, it’s really fucking hard.

When I was presented with the challenge myself a few years ago, I opened up a page in my journal and made 100 lines. I quickly scribbled down about 10. I worked with my therapist and we scribbled down about 10 more things that I should love about myself and then over about a week or so, I struggled to find anything. I was completely stuck.

Great Hair? While I would say this about others, it was definitely not something that I felt qualified to write about myself.

Patience? I literally sit in front of the oven while I wait for cakes and cookies to bake.

Always in a good mood? I guess but I’m for sure someone who has their bad days.

I’m stubborn to a fault so I wasn’t going to leave this challenge unfinished. I left the journal open on my desk and let it taunt me for about two weeks. Every so often I’d notice a quality about myself in passing or in conversation with friends and I’d simply say, “I accept.” The challenge isn’t to find the things that are lovable but rather to accept and choose to love everything.

My hair is always different and I lean in to however it chooses to behave each day. I accept and love that this always keeps me on my toes.

My lack of patience is fueled by pure excitement for every experience in life: cookies, gift giving, and sharing secrets with friends.

My mood is full. I don’t fake it and the honesty in every face expression is something that other people value because I follow it up with the truth.

The magic of 100 things is that if you follow the activity through, you will learn to love and accept the things about yourself that maybe no one else does, that aren’t the things people “should” love about themselves, and you examine every detail of your soul and personality and choose to love it.

If you’d like to take the challenge, here are the rules:

Find 100 things that you love about yourself. Only 10 are allowed to be physical attributes like your rockin’ bod, luscious hair, and great smile. If you find yourself struggling, think about where everything that people see comes from. Is your infectious smile due to your resilience? Is that rockin’ bod a tribute towards your commitment to fitness or overcoming significant injury? Is your hair due to your nurturing abilities?

Share five things you love about yourself in the comments.

Published by Kristian Gist

Kristian is the founder of Unfiltrd and mother to the best little boy around. She's currently teaching herself sign language and probably off reading a good book somewhere and thinking about pizza. You can find her on Instagram @kristianologist.

2 thoughts on “Love Challenge #1: 100 Things

  1. I love that my go to is the library before buying a bookI love my desire to learnI love my facial skin, that it is so low maintenance but really shines when I put the effort inI love that I have committed to gratitude.I love that I ride the bus to work


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